How to sign up?

If you're signing up on a mobile device, we recommend installing our mobile app first (to download please follow the link). Next, depending on the type of device chosen:

Web-version (browser) Mobile device (app)
  1. open the signup page
  2. enter your email and create a strong password, then click "Continue"
  3. specify your current country of residence (even if it's temporary) and citizenship
  4. input your personal data (full name and date of birth, residence and/or registration address, phone number)
  5. if you're a resident of the Republic of Belarus — complete a short blockchain technology test 

After completing the abovementioned steps, you'll be proposed to deposit funds (this is possible even before verifying your account), however, you do not need to deposit right away for account verification.

In order to complete your account verification, you should upload your identity documents. You can do this in the following tab:

  • in the web-version — "Live" in the top right corner > "Complete registration" 
  • in the mobile app — "Account" > "Account status" > "Account verification"

A guide on how to create an account for a legal entity (corporate account) can be found here.

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