Why was my account suspended/deactivated?

In certain cases, the following actions with your account may take place:

  • account suspension – you can still log into your account, but trading and deposit/withdrawal of funds are not available.
  • account deactivation – you can't log into your account. If there are funds on your account, they will be returned to the bank card/account/virtual wallet that was used to deposit them (or your personal virtual wallet).

We always notify our clients about the need to update or provide information and do not suspend/deactivate accounts without a proper reason in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the cryptoplatform. If we apply any actions to your account we always send a relevant notification to your email to notify you about your account status.

Reasons for account suspension:
  • identity documents have expired. For your account to be unsuspended provide photos of valid identity documents.
  • requested documents and/or information were not provided on time. Please check your email and account to see what documents and/or information you need to provide.
  • you deposited funds via a third-party external account. It's not required to perform any actions from your side – we will make a refund, and when it is processed your account will be unsuspended.
Reasons for account deactivation
  • you've created more than 1 account. You can not have more than one account. You can contact customer support to clarify the information or change the email in your active account.
  • you're under 18 years old. Being a person of age is one of the main requirements to create a Dzengi.com account. You can continue the verification procedure after you reach the age of majority, please contact customer support when it's required to reactivate your account.
  • you are a resident or a citizen of a country/region, in which we don't provide services. Unfortunately, the Dzengi.com cryptoplatform is not available in all regions due to various restrictions. 

Other reasons are stated in our Terms and Conditions of the cryptoplatform which can be found here

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