How do I confirm ownership of my card?

If you received a request to confirm ownership of a bank card, you should upload the following information to the "My requests" section or provide it to :

  • a photo of your face (selfie), on which the bank card number (first 6 and last 4 digits) and expiry date will be seen. If the cardholder's name and bank card number are shown on different sides — please make two photos with both sides (the CVV/CVC code must remain hidden). If your bank card is virtual, you should reflect the necessary details on your computer or other device 
    Photo examples


  • a bank statement (preferably as a PDF file), reflecting the cardholder's full name and bank card's number. As a rule, you can request it via the bank's app or internet banking

What happens if I deposit from a third-party bank card/account?

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