How do I confirm the source of the funds?

Your salary or remuneration payments
  • pay slips for the last three months
  • civil-law contract
  • employment contract
  • statements of bank accounts showing that the funds were received as salary or remuneration and further transfers of these funds
  • tax declarations (tax return), statements of accomplished works (rendered services)
  • other appropriate contracts (for self-employed and artisans)
  • a bank statement showing your current bank account balance (showing details incoming transactions)
  • a contract/document confirming your savings
  • information (certificate) on your income obtained in the form of interest
Sale of real estate
  • contract of sale of real estate 
  • a bank statement showing the funds transferred to your bank account as a payment received from the sale
  • documents showing your cryptocurrency balance and any deposits/withdrawals over the past three months
  • transaction history and screenshots proving your ownership of the corresponding cryptowallet or account
  • a statement confirming amount of funds transferred to cryptoplatforms/other platforms providing similar services
  • a copy of the loan agreement and a bank statement indicating the received funds, as well as the corresponding bank statements showing the movement of these funds
  • certificate of Inheritance and bank statements showing funds received and your current bank account balance
  • bank statements showing the transactions with the received funds
  • a statement confirming that the funds received from a divorce were transferred to your bank account
Court decision
  • an effective court order that decides on the merits of the case (in the case of an appeal, the relevant effective ruling)
  • bank statements showing the movement of received funds
  • confirmations of received rent payments (relevant contracts)
  • confirmations of received retirement money/savings
  • lottery/gambling winnings
  • movement of funds through bank accounts
  • other documents confirming the source of funds
Please note that the abovementioned list is approximate. This list is not used by us in each case where confirmation of the source of funds is needed and each situation is reviewed thoroughly and on an individual basis. However, loan and gift agreements can't be accepted by us for consideration when you are confirming the source of funds.
Anytime you can withdraw funds via the same method that was used to deposit these funds, even if you didn't finish the procedure of confirmation of the source of funds.

This rule is applicable to cryptocurrencies and other tokens.

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