What should be considered when submitting source of funds documents?

  • if you deposited funds in a currency that is different from the one you've earned (currency which is stated in documents you are providing), we may request to provide additional documents to confirm currency exchange transactions (for example bank receipts or bank statements that reflect the withdrawal of cash for its further exchange to another currency).
  • when submitting documents “older” than 12 months please additionally provide a bank statement that reflects the funds' movement (transactions) from the moment you've earned them until they were deposited to your Dzengi.com account. Otherwise we will be unable to review them.
  • if the funds were previously saved (held) in cash, probably we won't be able to accept such documents (confirmations of your cash savings) as a source of your funds confirmation. However, each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Loans and gift agreements can't be accepted when confirming the source of funds.

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