Why did my operation split into several?

Orders on Dzengi.com are executed in accordance with the quantity and prices of tokens in the virtual order book. That means that if one level of the order book is not enough to execute an order, then there will be several executions (with different volumes and at different prices).

For example, if there are several sell orders in the order book:

  • amount 10, price 100 USD.cx
  • amount 50, price 101 USD.cx
  • amount 40, price 102 USD.cx

and you initiate a trade to buy 100 tokens at the current price of 100 (market order), then you will initiate 3 trades with the relevant quantity and price since there are simply no counter orders in the order book for buying 100 tokens at a price of 100 USD.cx.

In such situations, you can place a limit order, which guarantees the price at which it will be executed but does not guarantee the execution itself. More info about limit orders can be found here

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