How to open Leverage operation?

"Leverage" trading mode allows you to increase the traded amount for operations. For example, Leverage 1:10 means: you will be able to open a Leverage-operation of up to 10,000 with a prepayment of 1,000

Leverage operations can be of 2 types: Long-operation or Short-operation. 

Long operation opens with buying and closes with selling, while Short operation opens with selling and closes with buying. 

Pay attention

By pressing "BUY" you open a Long operation.
By pressing "SELL" you open a Short operation. 

Do not forget to set parameters for the operation: amount, leverage, desired wallet and Stop loss and/or Take profit (if needed). 

Leverage size

You can set by default in Settings - Platform settings section. Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 18.21.30.png

Long operation (Video)


Short operation (Video)

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