Why are withdrawals to the card declined?

If a withdrawal to your bank card was declined, check that:

  • the card is in your name and all card details have been entered correctly;
  • the card is not expired, and the card type is not Prepaid/Reward(Bonus);
  • there are no transaction limits (for receiving funds) on your card as well as no limits on the type of transactions;
  • the amount you want to withdraw is within the limit for one card transaction (≈2000 USD in equivalent);
  • you do not have any pending request to provide bank card confirmation or other requests in your account.

To verify the details of your bank card, please contact the bank that issued the card.

Bank card withdrawal is only possible after 24 hours (no less than) since the last deposit and only with the same tokenised currency that you used to deposit with this card.

If necessary you can update the parameters for the card by depositing any amount in the tokenised currency you wish to further withdraw. 

If you do not want to make a deposit from the card, then you can always make a withdrawal via bank transfer to your current bank account, to which your card was issued. After successful receipt of funds to the account, The funds should be displayed on the balance of your card, when the transaction is fully processed. 

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