Withdrawal statuses

On our platform orders for withdrawal are labeled with a status to inform you of the stage of processing they are in. Here is a list of these withdrawal statuses and what they mean:

Status Meaning Action to take
In review We have received your order for withdrawal and our system is performing internal checks.  None. 
*If any additional information is needed, we will notify you. 
In review with sub type On hold We have received your order for withdrawal, but we need additional information from you to complete it. Please go to the "My requests" section and submit the necessary information. 
Please check your email for any notifications from us as well. 
Sent to bank
Relevant only for wire transfers 
We have notified our bank to transfer funds to your bank account.  None
Processing Your order for withdrawal is being processed by the respective processing channel (payment provider, bank, blockchain and etc.).


Processed The order for withdrawal is fully processed from our side and at this stage, you should receive your funds. 

*Please pay attention that for bank card/bank account withdrawals, it may take up to 5 business days for the funds to be credited. 


Declined The order for withdrawal has failed.

To see the decline reason click on the withdrawal in the Reports tab (Transactions) and check your email. 

Canceled  You have canceled your withdrawal request


To cancel your order for withdrawal please go to the "Wallets" at the top of the screen, find the "Pending withdrawal" column, click on the "i" icon and then click "Cancel withdrawal". You can cancel withdrawal only if it is in the In review status.

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