What if 2FA is not valid?

To solve issues with enabling/using 2FA in your account you can try doing the following:

  • type the 6-digit code manually, and if this doesn't work — copy it instead
  • make sure that the code doesn't expire (usually it is valid for 15 seconds)
  • if Google Authenticator is installed on an Android device:
    press the 3 dots in the top right corner > "Settings" > "Time correction for codes" > "Sync now"
    if Google Authenticator is installed on an iOS device:
    go to the Settings of your phone > choose "General" > "Date and time" > check whether the "Automatically" option is enabled. 
  • if you try to log into your account with a computer — make sure that the time on the phone and the computer match
  • if you saved the secret key that was shown when you first enabled 2FA, you can try adding it to Google Authenticator again (make sure that you choose the type of the key as "Time-based"
  • if you enable 2FA for the first time — try using a different app (for example, Microsoft Authenticator)

If none of the above helps — please contact us at .

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