Does your API support both exchange and leverage trading?

Yes, our API supports both exchange and leverage trading modes.

Please note that in the first version of the API (v1) in leverage trading mode the following list of assets is available:

BTC/USD; BTC/EUR; BTC/BYN; BTC/RUB; ETH/USD; ETH/EUR; ETH/BYN; ETH/BTC; BCH/USD; LTC/USD; LTC/BTC; LTC/EUR; XRP/USD; USD/JPY; USD/RUB; USD/CAD; USD/CHF; EUR/USD; EUR/JPY; EUR/GBP; GBP/USD; GBP/AUD; GBP/JPY; AUD/USD; NZD/USD; Crude Oil (; Brent Oil (; Natural Gas (; Gold (; Silver (; Palladium (; Platinum (; S&P 500 (; US30 (; US100 (; DE30 (; EU50 (; UK100 (; FR40 (; NL25 (; VIX (; Tesla (; American Airlines Group Inc. (; Apple Inc (; Airbus (; Advanced Micro Devices Inc (; Inc (; Boeing (; Beyond Meat Inc. (; Carnival (; Delta Air Lines (; EPAM Systems Inc. (; Facebook (; Deutsche Lufthansa AG (; Microsoft (; Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (; Oasis Petroleum (; Royal Caribbean Cruises (; Tilray Inc. (; Whiting Petroleum (

The second API version (v2) supports all of the tokenised assets in the leverage trading mode.

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