What is a dividend adjustment and how is it calculated?

A dividend adjustment will be credited to your account balance on the ex-dividend date in the form of a corresponding amount of tokens.

The condition for crediting dividend adjustment is to have relevant tokenised shares and ETFs on your account balance at the time of the ex-dividend date. A dividend adjustment is credited both for tokens purchased in the "Exchange" mode and for operations in the "Leverage" mode. Please note that the dividend adjustment value is negative for Short operations in the "Leverage” mode.

The dividend adjustment amount is calculated as:
A number of tokenised shares at the ex-dividend date * amount of dividend paid by the underlying asset issuing company. 

The dividend adjustment is paid in tokenised currency, which represents the currency of the dividend paid by the underlying asset issuer company.

Find out information regarding ex-dividend dates using the Internet resource: investing.com.

Important: When determining the quantity (amount) of such amount of tokens to be credited to the Client's account the Company shall be entitled to take into account inter alia the sums and (or) rates of taxes (duties) and other obligatory payments to the state budget (inter alia provided for by foreign law), which in connection with committing Corporate actions are subject to being paid by the owners of the underlying assets the price (value) of which determine the price (value) of the relevant Tokenised assets and (or) by the entities which carry out hedging of risks to which the Company is exposed.

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