What are tokenised assets?

Tokenised assets are tokens which value matches the value of a particular asset (security, precious metal or other underlying assets). In terms of economic outcome for investors - profit or loss - they are similar to stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, futures and other financial instruments.

Our tokens are based on the ERC-20 standard. Currently, you can trade with different tokenised exchange-traded assets, including tokenised shares of various companies (Facebook, Google), commodities (oil, gold) and indices (DAX 40, S&P 500). 

When you purchase tokenised stocks, you do not receive a real share. For example, AAPL.CX is a tokenised, exchange-traded asset that reflects the status of Apple shares on the Nasdaq exchange. Investors can buy an AAPL.CX token and trade it just like Apple share. And even receive a dividend adjustment.

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